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BANA BA LETSATSI visit to Elephant Havens



After winning Miss Earth 2020, Seneo Perry hit the ground running with plans of teaching children about Sustainable Tourism. COVID-19 came over and messed her strategies for the year. She did not cry over spilt milk, as countries still are trying to find a cure, but rather was smart enough to divert into other streams of raising funds to execute her obligations. Perry did not put all of her eggs in one basket by doing something that could make her get infected, but rather sold t-shirts that would double as a promotion strategy dubbed #PeopleWildlifeEnvironment. To this date, she raised over P7000.

“I love being out in the wild and promoting sustainable tourism. I would then pick the best 10 children that worked very hard at the project I have with them and introduce them to the wild with the money I raised,” she said in an exclusive interview.

“The idea is to stick to making the trip for the children educational especially on the aspect of conservation because realistically speaking tourism is the backbone of conservation. I want them to have firsthand experience with the African elephant and visit the Elephant Havens Wildlife Foundation in Maun. Unfortunately due to floods in Moremi Game Reserve, the plan of a game drive has been aborted.”

Initially, Perry says she wanted these children to have been those from the SOS Children’s Village. She had to put them on ice due to insufficient funds to transport them to Maun, but rather located called Bana Ba Letsatsi (in Maun) to embark on this journey. She told Weekendlifethat the trip will be undertaken today (Saturday 20thMarch 2021).

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