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Elephant Havens Wildlife Foundation Voluntary Visits


Through the movement #PeopleWildlifeEnvironment, I decided that I would raise funds through selling T-shirts that would promote my

movement simultaneously, which is called #PeopleWildlifeEnvironment. The T-shirts have raised approximately BWP 7000 with further financial aid from private individuals. I decided that since I love being out in the wild and promoting sustainable Tourism, I would then pick the BEST 10 children that worked very hard at the project I have with them and introduce them to the wild with the money I raised. This only became an idea that could not be implemented due to the lack of sufficient funds to hire transport to take on the 2000KM journey with the SOS Children.


I therefore located an NGO that has less privileged children in Maun called Bana Ba Letsatsi which I will be taking 14 of their children, two representatives on a day educational trip to Elephant Havens Wildlife Foundation on the 20 th of march 2021, starting off the day with a drive south to the Moremi Game Reserve towards Shorobe to get to the destination.


I believe that Tourism is the backbone of conservation and due to the low turn-out of tourists coming in to Botswana like the previous years, it is our responsibility as Batswana to protect and help preserve our pristine wilderness which Botswana has been ranked number one on Wildlife Conservation according to the WorldAtlas 2020.


With that being said, I strongly believe that it is imperative that we introduce young children to wild spaces to get them to appreciate the ecosystem in the wild and why we need all of it to all thrive. These young children tomorrow will be our leaders in decision-making of either causing a catastrophe to the wild or helping it recover back to its rightly position where both humans and animals can co-exist. Education is the beginning of birthing this interest and love, so that tomorrow they will know not to kill the animals that really belong in the wild spaces to complete the animal kingdom.


According to Sir David Attenborough, we have lost 60% of our wilderness due to human activity which he calls the Era of Anthropecene which is the era of man and his impact on the natural world. I would like to relate to this issue with taking the children to Elephant Havens Wildlife Foundation. I am doing my part in saving our last remaining largest population of elephants in Africa by giving these young ones a chance to really experience having close contact to the big giants.


Furthermore, this trip will also be supporting the work and efforts of Elephant Havens Wildlife Foundation, for the dedication, hard work and persistency of the elephant handlers and management. This has been shown in keeping their mission and vision alive during these perilous times of uncertainty as they depend mostly on donors and visits to raise enough funds to sustain their elephant orphanage.


This trip will also have a little lunch treat at Akacia Café, just near the Nhabe Museum where the children will have a lunch treat courtesy of the Akacia chefs and management too.


I would also like to give a special thanks to all the supporters of my movement who believe in my vision of conserving and preserving our beautiful vast lands that carry our wild in Botswana for a sustainable green economy. I would also like to thank a renowned photographer who has volunteered his time and skill to be part of this day trip Mr. Steven Stockhall for the still photography he will take. A huge special thanks to the Bana Ba Letsatsi management for giving me permission to take the children for a very great educational outing. Lastly, to the Elephant Havens Wildlife Foundation Team for hosting us with good energies and enthusiasm to educate the children.

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