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This movement was founded by Seneo Perry which she uses to sensitize the importance of conservation of wildlife and the protection of cultural heritage sites. In doing this Seneo has decided that she will raise funds through the sale of merchandise. The profits made from the sales all go towards an educational program. The Eco-Warrior at heart has decided that she will mainly base her educational programs around young children that are not exposed to such programs in their communities.


Through this movement Perry’s mission is to achieve the Botswana National Vision 2036 A SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENT PILLAR 3.


Her long-term plan is to document the pristine wilderness through this movement, the programs she offered through the movement, what change they made to society and how they will benefit the African continent and the world at large in having  green sustainable economies.


She goes on to say that this can be possible through collaborations and strategic partnerships with film makers, photographers, writers, voice over artists, stewards of different ethnic communities, Non-governmental Organisations, Influencers in the creative industry.


One of the HEROS that keep inspiring her to take this path has to be Sir David Attenborough with all his wonderful documentaries that he has made throughout his life traveling the whole world in showcasing the effects of the Human specie on the natural world.

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