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Restoring the Prime Colors of the Earth with SOS Children's Village

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She is a former beauty queen (Miss Earth Botswana 2020). Perry has been on the ball, particularly on her projects that came along with being a queen. For her, a beauty queen should get down and put on some work, get dirt and make an impact. Of course a picture paints more than a 1000 words, and judging from her successful projects, she lives the talk.


During her reign, Perry adopted the SOS Children’s Village. This is a home for 92 orphaned and less privileged children. She introduced few projects to aid the running of the children village, at the same time sourcing sponsors. She named one of her projects ‘Restoring the Prime Colors of the Earth.’


Restoring The Prime Colors of the Earth was founded on the basis of teaching the children about the importance of conservation and environmental protection through tree planting and a vegetable garden. She aims to plant at least 500 trees around schools and orphanages to teach the children and keep them hands on to avoid any mediocrity.

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